Thursday, April 13, 2006


When we were torturing the son of a carpenter in Jerusalem, we did not know that, in reality, we were enriching uranium. Uranium is enriched by a two-year long bombardment, it is "tortured" to such degree that one more blast results in an explosion. The suffering of Christ in the torture chamber and His agony on the cross were the equivalent of that process. His Resurrection was the first recorded liberation of energy-Spirit from matter-body.

The Resurrection of Christ was the split of the atom. It was a release of an energy of such a magnitude that thousands of years later we are still experiencing the aftermath of that silent blast in Jerusalem.

The Mystery of Nuclear Liberation, as any other mystery, can be used for good or for evil, yet, the fascination with the process remains the same. The power of spirit liberated from the bondage of matter is the most essential human drive. It is a power that moves individuals and civilizations. It is a power that inspires artists.
It is a power that states strive for.
And it is a power that every Christian possesses by the virtue of his and her faith.

Today, the fanatics all over the world enslaved by their hateful ignorance hope to find freedom and acceptance by becoming a part of the great Mystery of the Suffering Atom. The deeper drive in the race for the nuclear weapons is a subconscious and unrealized yearning for the liberating Grace of the Savior. The more one rejects the Truth the more one looks for the substitute for its Mystery.

Yet, this subsitiute for the Mystery will turn destructive for anyone who does not comprehend the meaning of the Liberation. The path to the Liberation is open to every race and every country in the world, but unless it is walked in love and for love it will lead to destruction and misery. It is only Love that can arm one with the real Power of the Splitting Nucleus and unless one understands the purpose of having the power one will abuse the power and destroy itself and, therefore, is not supposed to have the Power.

The nuclear bomb is a materialized Resurrection. As the hate-mongers all over the world, by all means, attempt to obtain the Spiritual Power to terrify the world, we, Christians, should know that every one of us, by the Grace of our Lord, already has that Power to heal and liberate. We should know that everyone of us is a nuclear bomb ready to explode and transform the world in the name of Love. It is through His Sacrifice and Mercy that we inherited the real power to split the atom and to be free from the bondage of material ignorance.
It is our power and no one can frighten us by it or take it away from us.

Happy Easter!


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