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Why Billy Hates Lincoln?

I would like to thank all our friends at the Moorpark Rotary Gettysburg Reenactment event. It was a great day and thanks for letting us to be a part of it.

I am writing here in response to some accusations against my friend Dan Ancell, Abe Lincoln impersonator, as well as our film “The Wounded Warrior” by certain Mr. Billy Bearden from Georgia who obviously neither met Dan Ancell nor saw the film.
Mr. Bearden wrote the letter below in response to an article posted in Moorpark Acorn newspaper in October 27, 2006

His letter is accompanied by another even longer attachment full of ‘facts’ proving how racist Lincoln was.
I usually get a lot of these "facts" and as Mr. Bearden’s fellow Georgian said, frankly, I don't give a damn.
In this case, I feel compelled though to throw a couple words in defense of my friend Dan Ancell, a Lincoln reenactor, who is put down by Mr. Bearden for being, well, a Lincoln reenactor.

See, Billy hates Lincoln so very much that anyone who supports and relates to Lincoln in any way is automatically hated and dismissed by him.
This is what Mr. Bearden advised our company to do:
"Hopefully, Mr. Kochar [that's me] will tell the truth to the public in his movie about the Real President Lincoln, not the same 3rd grade Bovine Excrement foisted on our children by public schools and people like Mr. Dan Ancell”.r>
What Billy didn't know was that Mr. Kochar [me] grew up with that above mentioned 3rd grade Bovine Excrement foisted by public schools. My school, though, was not in Georgia or New York. My school was in the former Soviet Union where Mr.Kochar was foisted with the Bovine Excrement that would constantly depict Lincoln as a racist who fought for economic gain and never cared about slavery.
It was not people like Mr. Dan Ancell but rather people sharing Billy's worldview of anti-Americanism that were my teachers at the 3rd grade. In fact, what Billy didn't know was that I was, amazingly, familiar with all of Billy's accusations as taught by my communist teachers who propagated a regime that slaughtered millions of people around the world and aimed at destroying lives of people like Billy in Georgia and Dan Ancell in Los Angeles alike.

When I immigrated to America, I was struck by the similarity between the progressive talking points and ‘facts’ of my communist teachers and the mindset that crippled Billy in Georgia and filled him with so much hatred towards his own country and President.

What struck me even more was the fact that both the communists in the USSR and Lincoln haters in the US have always focused on how imperfect Lincoln and the Union were, yet, never mentioned the fact of the Confederates being the ones who owned slaves and, yes, fought, a war to preserve slavery as a state right.
It was hard to comprehend how Lincoln was depicted as a racist for some dubious out-of-context remarks and the slave owners were depicted as the freedom fighters while fighting to preserve a right for free labor (speaking of economics).

It was also very hard to understand why a 'racist' like Lincoln would be so hated by all the slave owners in the South and slave state communists in the Soviets, and, finally, why the most outspoken racist actor Wilkes Booths would kill another racist- Lincoln.

So, I decided to make a movie about all this to clarify it for once and forever. I included the ‘facts’ of Billy and interviewed people like Billy but I also tried to focus on the positive and the inspiring that came out as a result of that tragic war, just like my friend Dan Ancell who inspires children to read books and have faith in goodness rather than telling them the negative truth about slave owners dragging the North and the South into the fratricide and fighting for a God-awful cause.

As my friend Dan Ancell, I urge you to read the mysterious book of the American History and the story of its great son Abraham Lincoln instead of reading irrelevant footnotes compiled by hateful and self righteous distorters of history; compilations that are so alarmingly similar to the footnotes taught to a generation of people enslaved by communism.


Blogger jedati said...

Mr. Billy Beardon sounds very much like the descendant of those who lost their plantations in Georgia when slavery was abolished. HMMMM....

The left does have a habit of wanting to rewrite history and expecting the rest of us to just go along. And, gee, they are the ones who have been accusing the right of "lock step" lately. They are just unbelievable.

I'm glad you are back to posting.

1:41 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

Yervand, I found your blog! How cool is that? My wife Laura and I met you last week in L.A. Remember us?

I just finished watching "Manfish" and loved it! It was an absolute delight! Did I recognize you as the guy who says "your theory is absurd!" ;)

I'm going to bookmark your blog (you can visit mine too -- the last two posts of mine talk about my visit to L.A.).

Take care, my friend!


7:14 AM  
Blogger cajie said...

Hi, you must still be back in Russia for your tirade against "Billy" shows you can't handle free speech!

you said: "people sharing Billy's worldview of anti-Americanism that were my teachers at the 3rd grade."

What is anti-Americanism about not believing all the phoney stuff printed and lincolnite lies that have been spread all over the globe about this NOT great man. Your old teacher was right on.

No doubt you saw a way to ingratiate yourself into the lincoln worshipers community, and gain your 15 minutes of fame.

I believe if you are going to foster media information to the masses you should at least attempt to be fair and balanced and avail yourself of different points of view and some real true facts of 1830-2000 The South Under Siege.

Just throwing slavery dirt on Southernors is hardly sufficient to prove your case. Yes, we had slaves in the entire United States of America at one time.

A recent article below will give you something to chew on.

Death By Government
Thomas J. DiLorenzo on the missing chapter.

Well you no doubt didn't bother to READ Billy's list of facts as you could never have made the statement:

"the fact of the Confederates being the ones who owned slaves and, yes, fought, a war to preserve a slavery as a state right"

Since Lincoln and his congress (not a Southernor was in Congress at this time) wrote an amendment to the Constitution that would make salvery legal forever and their actions to make slavery legal forever DIDNOT alter one bit the Confederate States decision to leave this union, because slavery was not the reason they left.

Some good books to read:

Charles Adams, "In The Course of Hunman Events"
Prof. Dilorenzo "Lincoln Unmasked"
Anne Farrow, Joel lang, and Jenifer Frank of the Hartford Courant - "How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery - Complicity.

1:34 AM  
Blogger cajie said...

One other thing - your trailer is all about FREEDOM.

The one thing lincoln's concept of FREEDOM DID NOT ALLOW was for The Confederate States of America to have their Freedom!

Re-read the Declaration of Independence regarding the Natural Law of Freedom of Association. The Voluntary Union of the Founding Fathers was destroyed in 1865!

Read: Jeffrey Hummel's - "Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men".

2:02 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Mr. Kochar:

Your diatribe against Billy Bearden reveals that:

#1 - either you made no effort to learn the truth about Abraham Lincoln before making the movie, or you failed in such effort;

#2 - accordingly, you were admirably unqualified to make a movie involving Lincoln that was anything other than sheer fiction; and

#3 - you are even less qualified to pass judgement on a true American patriot like Billy Bearden.

6:03 AM  
Blogger unreconstructed1 said...

Your russian teachers would have taught that Capitalism was evil since it made people unequal . That it's better to be equal as slaves than to be able to pull yourself out of it and prosper on your own merits . What you were taught by your russian teachers is not what several friends of mine said they were taught in their own russian indoctrination centers . I believe you have put up smoke and mirrors to tar and feather , in a communist russian style , Mr. Billy Beardon .
You should find the truth on your own , since you have obviously not found it yet as evidenced by your statement that lincoln's racist remarks were out of context . Also , you stated that the Confederates were fighting to keep slavery , which is another myth perpetuated by the victors .
You have NO idea of the evil foisted on the people of this country during and after The War of Northern Agression . Before that war , the several States were not ruled under the washington d.c. government as serfs . The States were ruled by their state governments . The federal government had gotten too powerful and was being controlled by the northern industrialists to the detriment of the agrarian South . They made tariffs that taxed the South oppressively and had little in return .
Slavery was a waning system of labor , and would have ceased to exist on it's own , since it was more costly to use than to hire the work done . The ex-slave narratives demonstrate that the slave holders were more compassionate than the factory owners in the north . The slaves were fed and housed , the immigrants in new york were not . These immigrants were more inslaved than the slaves in the South ever were . The immigrants were even forced into the emperial yankee army when they got off the ships . lincoln himself said he would not free any slaves , then signed a law stating so . Only after 2 years of war did the emancipation proclamation come about , and did not free even one of the slaves held in states that were under union rule . If your seriously seeking the truth you will find it , but not in the government indoctrination centers called public schools . Go to the ex-slave narratives , the archives , the thousands of books written during the life and times of the people that were actually there . lincoln was a war criminal , as was kerosene billy sherman . He is no better to be admired than stalin or hitler . Go seek the truth , then when you find it , make another movie correcting the fallacious one titled "the wounded warrior" .

7:00 AM  
Blogger jedati said...

cajie said: "Hi, you must still be back in Russia for your tirade against "Billy" shows you can't handle free speech!"

Said in a true one sided fashion! Just because you disagree, you just can't handle free speech...WOW.

Keep up using YOUR right to free speech Mr. Kochar!

unreconstructed1 said: "What you were taught by your russian teachers is not what several friends of mine said they were taught in their own russian indoctrination centers . I believe you have put up smoke and mirrors to tar and feather , in a communist russian style , Mr. Billy Beardon"

I wonder if Russian schools might have taught things just a bit differently than where Mr. Kochar is from? Or was The Soviet Union and all communist countries just "Russia" to you? (read a little about the rest of the world...the world does not evolve around the south.) And to use these unknown (to us) friends in an attempt to discredit, is a very weak argument. Schools and teachers change from district to district here, do you think every person was so blindly brainwashed that the schools couldn't be different from country to country?

unreconstructed1 said: "The slaves were fed and housed , the immigrants in new york were not."

Colin Powell has written and also been written about in several books where the difference in American southern slaves and the Island Nation slaves were discussed. The Island nations slaves had not only to work their owners land but also had to provide for themselves. He thinks that the work and skills, the networking, etc., were what helped the Island slaves to further themselves so much faster upon emancipation. The southern slave owners wanted total control, so they had to feed them. The northern farmers couldn't compete with the southerner farmers because of their free labor to begin with, and the federal government began the heavy taxes. There were black private landowners in the state of Maine in the 1600's, so when would this die out of slave owning in the south that you state, finally have taken place on its own? Another 250 years?

And to finish this off...I'd rather be piss poor in New York with that dream, than to have been a black slave with no dream. A loaf on someones table....well not all of us want to be benevolently served our loaf by our owners. (Slave owner or government!)

There is also a wealth of records and thousands of books about the north if you would ever care to read one or two of those. We all know the Civil War was fought over states rights. But the right to do what, always comes back to the discussion on slavery. There really is a reason for that.

And please, if you want to write about imperialism, learn to spell the word!

10:37 PM  
Blogger cajie said...

Jedati, I don't agree with Powells assessment:

"The Island nations slaves had not only to work their owners land but also had to provide for themselves. He thinks that the work and skills, the networking, etc., were what helped the Island slaves to further themselves so much faster upon emancipation."

The stats show that the Carribean slaves were treated very badly and most died young.

Read "Time on the Cross" by Fogel of Chicago.

They were Worked to death. Their government didn't care because they could always be replaced. The USA received about 600,000 slaves while the islands received thousands more.

Southern Slaves lived to advanced old age surrounded by their families. According to the 1860 census,There was a large number of free ex-slaves in the South. Read some of the wills freeing them.

Many of the slaves and freemen were taught a trade by white people. The goal was for them to evolve to the point where they would be a productive citizen and not a burden to society. There was a lot of sharing going on between these two cultures and they melded together. That is why lincoln's plot of a slave resurrection to kill us all never materialized!

It strikes me odd that the peoples I have met on my trips to the Islands are so friendly, and helpful, their smiles are a joy; They hold no grudges. They go about their work in a cheerful manner. Compared to the actions of the northern and reconstructed southern blacks in the USA there is sure cause to question the difference.

Colin Powell is covering up Lincoln's War policy and the Republican parties reconstruction.

Lincoln turned them out to "Root hog or die" - his own words!

Lincoln's plan was to deport them all!

The media and powers that be have given the blacks in America a pass on everything. Yet they show not the least bit of gratitude and our prison system has become an industry.

Note, a 19 year veteran black firefighter won a 1M suit in a California Court because he claimed a prank played on him was racist. He was noted for playing pranks on others for years, yet he played the race card and got this settlement.

In the recent story of The comedian who lamblasted the blacks on stage for their actions in the audience, THE MEDIA has covered up again the actions of the blacks who were doing the heckling - one person, on one news report, was allowed to make one small comment, he said "you haven't shown what they were doing", he was cut off before he told what they did. I doubt we will ever know what has been left out of this story.

All the books I have posted in my messages are books written by Northern or Western Writers, you see, Yankee is not a place but a state of mind!

12:17 AM  
Blogger cajie said...

Another thing Jedati,

"the southerner farmers because of their free labor to begin with,"

It wasn't free, it cost money to clothe, feed, medicate people. That is why the yankees did away with it and sold their slaves or relocated them down South.

The first slave for life was decided in favor of a Free Black slave owner who brought suit in a Virginia Court in 1660.

12:26 AM  
Blogger Brock Townsend said...

Thomas J. DiLorenzo professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and the author of The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War, (Three Rivers Press/Random House). His latest book is Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed To Know about Dishonest Abe (Crown Forum/Random House).

7:39 AM  
Blogger Dico said...

Brock, Brock, what town did you grow up in, what professor scorched your mind? My friend, DiLorenzo is one of the most celebrated liers of our time, OK him and Chomsky, and lets see, Hellman. They will go down in history in he top 10 tricksters of the 20th centry. They fooled a whole bunch of college kids via thier brainwashed professors who sit in their suburban homes with a safe paycheck and pension. How sweet it is of them to rant lies to the unsuspecting little people in their class.

11:24 AM  
Blogger PoP said...

Billy Loves The Republic

By J. A. Davis

I have just come across the blog titled "Why Billly Hates Lincoln" by
Yervand Kochar, as transmitted by What I consider
the most comprehensive and best workmanlike list in the heritage
community, Southern Heritage News and Views.

Mr. Kochar undertakes to verbally massacre Billy Bearden, my friend and
fellow Georgian, with similar Virginia roots.

It doesn't take long to interpret the real intent of blogs such as this,
particularly when words like "hate" are used. If ever I
read a self serving piece of flack (good motion picture lingo) this is

In the blog Mr, Kochar seems to try
to convince us that being a Southern patriot, we are somehow associated

Let me help illuminate in a much kinder way than Mr. Kochar chooses to

First, Billy knows more about the basic concepts of independence and
liberty as articulated by the Constitution than anything even slightly
intimated by the rant of Mr. Kochar.

Billy's dad served more than a citizens duty in the U. S. Military. He
served not just in one war like WWII, he fought against those communists
Mr. Kochar seems to try to link Billy and all Southerners with, in both
Korea and Viet Nam.

Kochar has stepped into it with his criticism of Billy's knowledge of
My guess is he is about to be bombarded with some correct history as
opposed to what he claims is an education in the Soviet Union. Of
course, there is the possibility that Mr. Kochar isn't interested in
knowing the truth if it doesn't serve to promote his own selfish

Example: Lincoln's close ties with Karl Marx, the documented exchange
between them, and the Marx influence in Lincoln's drive to transform
these United States into The United States, from a limited voluntary
union to a centralized national government.

The immigration to the U. S. by the defeated communists in the
revolution in
Germany and how they mysteriously ended in the Union army which
was comprised of around 20% of its total by some of the most brutal
examples of communist extremists. Note, Union army,
not Confederate.

The communist immigrant settlements in major areas of the U. S. that
ultimately became the organized difference in the re-election of

Then there was the communist Lincoln Brigade, made up of American
communists who fought in the Spanish Civil War.

Now Mr. Kochar, allow me the courtesy of
a little enlightened background pertinent to the misguided remarks made
about Billy and Southerners in general.

I know a little about your profession having been an executive for many
years with leading film producers and distributors world wide. Try for
Official Films, in the fifties and sixties with more film shows on the
networks and syndication than any company going.

Having worked with the great writers, producers, directors, actors of
the period,
I appreciate more than anyone the splendor of free expression and
even when I don't wholly agree. That part of your blog doesn't bother
me. Your interpretation of the history of communism is where we differ.

For my part, I bring some credentials that
qualify me to comment. First, as world vice president of the Jaycees, I
was involved in a program in the late fifties called "Operation
Brotherhood". See "Young Men Can Change the World" by Booton Herndon.
This program consisted of volunteer young men from many nations who, at
their own expense, travelled to the borders of the Soviet Union and
literally pulled refugees out to freedom and helped settle them in free
nations throughout the world. Many of these individuals repaid the
favor by becoming outstanding citizen-leaders of their adopted nations.

I know Marxism better than most, having been a People to People
Ambassador for President Eisenhower and actively serving against some of
the most serious
threats of Marxist domination on some of the most contested areas of the
time, The
Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Central and South America and
the Caribbean. Let our record speak for itself.

Frankly speaking, Mr. Kochar, you've got the history and the facts
totally reversed which is understandable since you admit your education
was in the Soviet which perfected the Gramschi techniques of reversing
the truth for useful purposes.

Fortunately, those methods are pretty worn and well exposed so that many
today can recognize the technique. I specifically refer to your blog
stating in effect that American slavery existed only in the South, with
no mention of other areas in the U. S., or the world, or that it
continues today in many nations.

Your reference to John Wilkes Booth is even more interesting. Booth was
and is
no credit to the South. The unfortunate assassination of Lincoln ended
Lincoln's dream of relocating every black in America to other lands.
Lincoln had successfully started this program in several colonies in
various countries.

One can only imagine what might have resulted had Lincoln lived and
completed the program. There is an idea for your next production to
explore, if you've got the guts.

In the meantime, get a grip on people like
Billy Bearden and see if you can't recognize real American patriots.

Good luck on "The Wounded Warror". The review I read didn't impress me
reviews are frequently influenced by more than the art, as I'm sure you

9:30 PM  
Blogger Dico said...

Hey Pop,

How ya doing, read your loooooooooong letter to Mr Kochar. Wow, you do protest too much.
I am not believing one word you said. Ok one word.
And my dear I am sure if you did indead ever go to the Soviet Union you would understand more of what Mr. Kochar has said. But what does he know he only lived there half of his life?
As for you I feel you are one of our spoiled Americans who lives and eats hate for his life force. It is people like you and your dear Billy that want to cleanse everything in this world that doesen't fit into your coat pocket. Enough said, you dug your hole so deep you can never come out

10:30 PM  
Blogger jedati said...

I've heard it said that you are only a true artist if people either love your work or they hate it.

Mr. Kochar is truly an artist.

I wonder though about some of the venom. Must be getting under some skin. There is usually a reason for that. (:

cajie said he/she doesn't agree with Colin Powell's assessment. cajie, I feel you should read it before you decide whether to agree or not. You read my one point and argued over it. As for the rest...well, there is not a thing I can do because you carry your racism on your sleeve and I just don't respond well to bigotry, so I'm done responding here.

dico brought up chomsky (apparently Hugo Chavez's prize writer!)and I just have to add to that list! There is Ward Churchill and his leftist lies on all issues Native American. Juan Cole, the Middle East "expert" who reads Saddam Hussein's version of Iraqi history and spews it back to American College students and the media as fact. (Has some well educated Iraqi's pretty miffed!)

great blogging!

12:39 AM  

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